A revolutionary solution for women's health

Make life’s journey the best it can be

The body is the soul’s partner on life’s journey. At any stage on that journey, if something makes one unhappy, the other will feel the same. Especially if that area of the body is the most intimate and personal.

Nature, childbirth, just the journey itself, these can all affect your patients where they are at their most sensitive.

FemTouch is an innovative, non-invasive laser treatment. it relieves a wide range of issues as well as renewing the heart of a woman’s being.

FemTouch restores not just health but confidence. Your patients can go forward, live life to the fullest, embrace everything it has to offer

FemTouch Free to be me.

“After just one treatment
I already felt young again. I had no
idea the treatment would be that fast and totally comfortable.
It changed my life.”

Emily, FemTouch patient

A new future for patients. And for you.

FemTouch is an out-patient, non-invasive, and non-hormonal treatment for improved vaginal health, restoring patient confidence and wellbeing.

FemTouch positions you at the forefront of women’s health technology, while expanding your practice offer.

Of postmenopausal women
suffer from
vaginal atrophy

Suffer from
stress urinary